Cecilia Chailly talks: when classical goes wild

“Songs written by the fingers, not by the mind”

Cecilia Chailly is a 60s’ classical harpist, and she’s a punk. She was born and formed at Teatro alla Scala in Milan following the footsteps of her father Luciano Chailly, famous composer, yet there’s nothing quite linear or conventional in her career.

Belli, com'eravamo

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Music was the consequential and logic path to walk, given the heritage of her roots. It is a “contagious passion that soon became my way to express myself, even within my own family” as she says. It was a burden as well, though. She knew she was different.
“I’ve always been the daughter of my generation, I loved the rock, I loved the pop, and I dressed in jeans at performances” Cecilia proudly defends her rock soul. Imagining to cage a free spirit with a whimsical temper in the strict rules of classic conceptions is hardly realistic.

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Debuting as a multi-instrumentalist, Chailly took from the ’70s, the years of experimentation and music research, the desire to break the mould: “those years have encouraged my eclecticism,” she recalls.
She’s a pioneer in the use of the electrified harp, exploring the boundaries of Crossover and leaving her mark in the industry by scoring collaborations with the biggest names of national and international music.

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A controversial harpist who transformed a classical instrument in a trasgressive medium: that is new.
A new vibrant spotlight shed over a way too static and stiff environment. Not that she denies a strong bond with her beginnings. Her early sound approaches to the tradition, which she defines as “a blessing”, yet the love of Debussy hasn’t curbed her curiosity towards other genres.
She is different in making sounds, disconnecting from the formal construction and letting notes dictate the rhythm: “I let music writes itself” she says.

Cecilia walked throughout her career on the edge of Classical and Contemporary, now drawing the border, now melting in an alchemical ritual two seemingly distant worlds of musical expression.
In her latest albumSulle mie corde” released by Sony, she pushes that boundary a little bit further in the open space of sound, carving an unprecedented tone straight into your ears… Rediscover the Classical with a rebel.


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